Strategic Plan

November 4, 2022

Dear Parents, Student Guardians and Nash County Public Schools’ Families:

We need your feedback to make sure the district is heading in the right direction when it comes to serving your child, individual school performance and the performance of the district as a whole. 

For the next 30 days, we will be accepting feedback on the district plan and the school improvement plans of individual schools who receive a low performance designation from the state of North Carolina. You can use THIS form to tell us what you think about Nash County Public Schools’ plan and each of your child’s schools. 

To view the school's improvement plan, visit the school website. Click on about us (top left hand corner) and select "School Improvement Plan" from the dropdown.

The district plan is linked for you below. There are two versions. The comprehensive report is generated from a program we use to monitor and track our goals and progress as a district. We value transparency and want you to be able to see that plan. However, we also created a more readable version of our plan called the Strategic Plan Overview. That breaks down our district goals into five areas, explains the key items we plan to work on, offers an overview of our promotion standards and gives you an explanation of a mindset shift we want to consciously work on; one where we plan to make your child the center of all you do. 

We look forward to reviewing your feedback and incorporating it in both final versions of the district plan. After the 30 days and your input, we will present it to the Nash County Public Schools’ Board of Education as our Strategic Plan and then begin the work of monitoring it and holding ourselves accountable.

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts. We appreciate your perspective and know how valuable your feedback is in making us a more successful district.

Version One

Version 2