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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

What is Equity?

Equity is the quality of being fair and impartial.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Vision Statement

DEI Vision Statement

We will foster reciprocal relationships that respect differences while providing opportunities for inclusion as we embrace our individual journeys.

DEI Mission Statement

DEI Mission Statement

Striving to intentionally identify inequities in order to provide a plan for targeted support and resources so that all stakeholders have the opportunity to reach their goals and full potential.

DEI Core Values

Core Values

In everything we do to support our students, parents, and staff, we strive to meet the following core values. The Core Values provided below are our fundamental beliefs and highest priorities that will drive our work. 

A. All educators speak to students with warmth and care, ensuring that comments and cues that students receive are free of bias, whether students are in the classroom, in the front office, on the bus, in the gym, in the library, or anywhere else. 

B. All educators ensure that students feel a sense of belonging and ownership in class, giving students opportunities to connect their work to their own goals, interests, dreams, and lives.

C. We care about the quality of our work, the people with whom we work, and the people who benefit from our work.

D. The perspectives, experiences, and voices of every demographic represented in the school community are sought out, included, and incorporated in the development and refinement of policies and programs.

E. Regardless of their role in the building, educators work to establish a culture that enables them to have genuine conversations to strengthen, build, and repair relationships.

F. Educators regularly review discipline, attendance, achievement, and other data to evaluate the impact of bias on students to ensure equitable practices.  

We demonstrate these values when we strive to ensure that each individual is able to work and learn in an atmosphere of dignity, equity, and inclusion.

DEI Members

Team Members

  • Dr. Leondus Farrow, Assistant Superintendent of Student Support Services and Operations

  • Willie Howard, Director of Equity and Alternative Programs

  • Dr. Hugh Scott, Principal of Southern Nash High School

  • Dr. Timothy Mudd, Principal of Parker Middle School

  • Rod Whitley, Director of Student Information and Systems Support

  • Quintin Mangano, Principal of Nashville Elementary School

  • Michael Girouard, Principal of Red Oak Middle School

  • Jeannie Kerr, Mental Health Coordinator

  • Kristen Tedford, Principal of Benvenue Elementary School

  • Yolanda Wiggins, Director of Professional Learning and Special Programs

  • Dr. Sylvia Anthony-McGeachy, Director of Beginning Teachers

  • Kimberly Rascoe, Principal of CITI High School

  • Cynthia Gorham, Principal of Fairview Elementary School

  • Tracy Barnes, Student Support Services Coordinator

  • Sheila Pittman, Lead Social Worker

  • Michelle Royster, NCPS Parent Coordinator

  • Hernan Daza, ESL & MEP Coordinator

  • Angela Caudle, Director of MTSS

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