Routing Department

Each school bus is equipped with AVL via GPS (Automatic Vehicle Locator via Global Positioning System).  This technology monitors vehicle location, speed and sensors (door, stop arm, turn signals).  The ability to monitor the school bus allows us to provide real-time and historical data to parents, transportation department staff and local emergency management.  We are able to compare the GPS data to our routing system to ensure bus drivers are following the published routes.  We provide the safest and most efficient bus routes by incorporating our GPS data into our bus routing software.

Bus Routing and School Locator

This page is available for parents and community stakeholders to review published school boundaries along with bus stops. Parents and students can log in and see where the bus is located during their bus route (within about 1 minute).  However, we do ask students to be at their assigned bus stop 10 minutes prior to their stop time.  Students in grades PK-5 will need to have an parent/guardian at their stop in the afternoon.  If no parent/guardian is available, the student will be taken back to their school at the conclusion of the bus run.

Additional questions regarding Bus Assignments can be directed to:

Lori Hilliard - 252-462-2482

Lori Hilliard

Baskerville Elementary School

Bailey Elementary School

Cedar Grove Elementary School

Benvenue Elementary School

CITI High School

Coopers Elementary School

MB Hubbard Elementary

Early College High School

Nash Central High School

Edwards Middle School

Nash Central Middle School

Englewood Elementary School

Nashville Elementary

Fairview Elementary School

Northern Nash High School

DS Johnson Elementary School

Red Oak Elementary School

Middlesex Elementary School

Red Oak Middle School

Parker Middle School

Rocky Mount Middle School

Rocky Mount High School

Swift Creek Elementary School

Southern Nash High School

Tar River Academy

Southern Nash Middle School

Williford Elementary

Spring Hope Elementary School


Winstead Avenue Elementary School

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