Beginning Teacher Support


Beginning Teacher Resources

NCPS strives to provide beginning teachers with access to district and state resources to support their growth as early educators. These resources are available to assist new teachers in becoming acclimated to the district and teaching profession.

Beginning Teacher Support Program

Approved Beginning Teacher Support Program Plan

Beginning Teachers Receiving Their "First Day of School" Self-Portraits

Our teachers, like students, participate in getting to know you activities on their "first day in class." During New Teacher Orientation, our new teachers drew self-portraits and helped us get to know them better.

Congratulations to our beginning teachers who completed their first full year of teaching. It is quite an accomplishment. We are proud of you!

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2023 Beginning Teacher-Mentor Breakfast

Our NCPS beginning teachers and mentors came together for a day of fun, fellowship, and learning. They participated in a BT Scavenger Hunt and an Escape Room activity to explore new ways to engage students in their learning. They also found how different animal personalities can work together for more productive small groups. The room was filled with lions, beavers, golden retrievers, and otters. Oh my!

Dr. Sylvia Anthony-McGeachy

Dr. Sylvia Anthony-McGeachy

Director of Beginning Teachers

Office: (252) 459-5220

Extension 10908

Cell: (252) 545-5036