Nash County Public Schools Dual Langauge/Spanish Immersion

What is Spanish Immersion?

Spanish Immersion is an exciting program where students are taught by a bilingual teacher for the majority of the school day in the Spanish Language, hence the term immersion. Students are immersed in the Spanish Language.

Spanish Immersion is also known as Dual Language Immersion (DLI) because students are taught in Spanish and English with English instruction beginning in 2nd grade.

Students learn to understand, read, and write in Spanish as well as English.

The Program begins in kindergarten or first grade and continues through middle school.

Student Testimonials

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What Spanish Immersion Means to Me

“It feels super good to be in the Spanish immersion program because you learn a lot about Spanish countries and when you go somewhere and if they speak Spanish you will understand what they are saying and you can have a nice conversation with them. It’s also cool because you can learn Spanish dances and traditions.” - Malia Gupton, Englewood Elementary

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What Spanish Immersion Means to Me

“It makes me feel special and like I belong with my classmates it makes life easier. And now i can say Hola como estas? Muy bien y tu. it is fun and all we speak in the class is Spanish !!!" - Lauren, Englewood Elementary

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What Spanish Immersion Means to Me

“I like the class so I can communicate with my great-grandmother and my other family members. And I can learn it, the reason I learned it was because my parents didn’t learn Spanish. And it was a lifetime opportunity for me. And I like to learn about other Hispanic countries. My ancestors probably knew Spanish. I always wondered what would happen if I knew Spanish and that is why I learned Spanish.” - Victor Neives, Englewood Elementary

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What Spanish Immersion Means to Me

“Puedo aprender el idioma que quiero aprender. También es para aprender nuevas cosas importantes que me pueden ayudar cuando a grande. También es para no olvidar mi idioma natal así aprendo inglés y español.” - Karen, Middlesex Elementary

English Translation: I can learn the language I want to learn. It is also to learn new important things that can help me when I grow up. It is also to not forget my native language so I learn English and Spanish.

More Information

If you are interested in receiving more information about Dual Language / Immersion or enrolling in one of our programs, please contact the principal of the school.

Check out what more students have to say about the program by clicking here:

Student Immersion Quotes.

The Nash County Public Schools Dual Language/Immersion Program partners with Participate Learning in order to provide a comprehensive Global Program at all of our Dual Language/Immersion school sites.  There are many academic and long-term BENEFITS for students who enroll in our DL/I Program.

Spanish Immersion