Early Admission to Kindergarten

Beginning with the 2009-10 school year, North Carolina state law requires children to turn 5 by August 31st to be eligible to attend kindergarten in the public school system.

Consideration for a four-year-old child to be granted early admission to kindergarten, the child must meet
the following Admission Criteria:

  • The child must have had his/her fourth birthday by April 16 of the current year.

  • The child must be tested (at parent's expense) by a licensed psychologist for aptitude (intelligence) and achievement in reading and/or mathematics. Testing must occur after April 16th of the current year.

  • The child must score at 98th percentile on the aptitude test and the 98th percentile on either the reading or mathematics achievement test.

  • A completed early admissions application should be submitted to the school principal no later than 3:00 p.m. one week prior to the first day of school.

  • The parents (or guardians) and the child must be interviewed by school staff members.

A completed early admissions application contains all of the following:

  • Early Admission to Kindergarten application with copies of the testing results attached.

  • Parent/Guardian checklist completed.

  • Two letters of recommendation from a pediatrician, preschool teacher, or other adult having direct knowledge of the child.