Early College/ CITI HS

NRM Early College and Center for ITI HS follow the Cooperative Innovative High Schools model allowing student the opportunity to graduate from high school and community college with an associate's degree in 5 years.  Both NRM Early College and CITI HS work with Nash Community College to provide their students with the classes necessary for their chosen degree.

NRM Early College High School

The Nash-Rocky Mount Early College High School (NRM-ECHS) is a cooperative innovative high school in partnership with Nash Community College (NCC). Students who are accepted to the NRM-ECHS are eligible for three degree options at NCC: Associate in Arts, Associate in Science, or Associate in Engineering. All three of these degree options are aligned to the college transfer pathway for students to transfer to a four-year college or university with two years of college credit. NRM-ECHS students are also eligible to complete certificate pathways in addition to the Associate Degree that align with their coursework and Bachelor Degree Plans. All students at the NRM-ECHS are expected to graduate with a high school diploma, an Associate Degree (Arts, Sciences, or Engineering), and possibly a business/industry certification as preparation to entering a four-year college or university to complete a Bachelor's degree program.

NRM Early College High School Website

CITI High School

The Center for Industry, Technology & Innovation High School is a collaborative endeavor between the Nash-Rocky Mount Public Schools and Nash Community College. Students at CITI High School will be able to complete studies in one of the unique programs as part of their high school graduation credits.
Through an academic foundation, paired with career-informed courses and work-based learning experiences, graduates of CITI High School will be prepared to continue on to a four-year university, or enter the workforce with solid credentials upon graduating from high school.

Students are able to earn stackable certificates while pursuing an Associate Degree from NCC in one of the following pathways:

Associate's Degree

Stackable Certificates

Automotive Systems Technology


Automotive Basic

Automotive Electrical

Engine Performance

Brakes &Suspensions

Industrial Systems Technology





Electrical Wiring

Mechanical Maintenance

Machining Maintenance

Informational Systems Technology 


Hospitality Management

Lodging Management

Event Planning 

Medical Office Administration


Medical Office Administration

Patient Service Specialist

Medical Document Specialist