Bus Transportation Update

September 1, 2022


Dear Parents and/or Student Guardians:


We are writing to update you on bus transportation. It is our understanding there are many concerns about pick-up times, missed buses, afternoon drop-off and general confusion. We apologize if you experienced any inconvenience this week. We are hard at work, behind the scenes, trying to make our bus routes run smoothly. Here are some updates we want to share:

1. Routes are still being added. Currently, we have approximately 6,500 students using transportation and an additional 1,500-2000 requests. Our priority is to make sure that every parent that needs bus transportation is able to receive it. It takes a lot of planning to factor in additional families. If you recently made a transportation request, please allow us a week to act on that request.

2. We still need bus drivers! Nash County Public Schools is having a class soon and we would love to have you attend. Please visit our Transportation page for more information about our openings and how to apply.

3. While we address these transportation issues, its important to note that the app (Chipmunk) relies on a strong wifi connection to accurately pinpoint the bus's location. In certain areas of our community, the app has failed to respond in giving real time updates of the buses. Things are changing so rapidly and will continue to change in the next several weeks. We do not want you relying on potentially inaccurate information. 

4. We expect additional students to arrive after Labor Day, Monday, September 5, which may impact bus routes and times again.

5. If you have a bus issue (regardless of the type), your school is the first point of contact. We understand many parents are trying to contact the transportation department directly. During the day, we are trying to address your concerns and are not available for one-on-one assistance. We do not want you to feel unheard, which is why we have a bus coordinator at each school. If you reach out to your school, and someone there cannot assist you, your issue will be routed directly to us and we will take care of it as soon as possible.

6. Due to the influx of requests, we ask that you allow us some additional response time; normally, we like to return calls within 24 hours. With the amount of volume, we ask for a little more time to get back to you.
We will reach back out to you in a few weeks with additional transportation updates and confirm information about our bus app. Although many of you are frustrated, we want to assure you we are working on our bus routes and appreciate your support.
Nash County Public Schools Transportation