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Health Screening for Staff & Students

Home Health Screening Requirement 

Before each student or staff member departs for school, there will be several tasks and issues to consider to prepare for school each day.

  • Staff and caregivers should reference Signs and Symptoms Cards each morning. (To be printed and distributed to each home) (English/Spanish).
  • Staff and students must have a mask for school. 
  • If possible, staff and students should bring a water bottle. 
  • Staff and students should wash hands before leaving home, following the guidelines of 20 seconds.
  • Caregivers should remind their child of ways to stop the spread of infection.
  • Caregivers should notify the school of any change in contact information.

Staff and students should NOT come to school if they have any of these symptoms:


*New cough

*Nausea or vomiting



*New loss of taste or smell

*Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing

*Fever or chills

*Sore throat


Students who are ill at school with COVID symptoms will be placed in an isolation room while waiting for pick-up. The adult in the room will be wearing a face mask, face shield and possibly other protective equipment. The school nurse will explain what requirements must be met in order for the student to return to school. 


Campus Health Screening Requirement 

Temperature checks before getting on the bus and when entering the building. Students with a temperature of 99.8 or higher or any COVID symptoms are not allowed to attend school.  Health questions about COVID-19 will be asked daily prior to entering the building. If riding the bus or daycare van, an attestation form must be completed daily and sent with the student.