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Safe Return to School Plan 2022-2023

Safe Return to School Plan 2022-2023
NCPS follows CDC, NCDHHS and local health department guidance for COVID-19 mitigation
NCPS offers free COVID-testing at school.
NCPS staff and students (with parental consent) can get a free COVID-19 test at school if they are
experiencing symptoms or have come into close contact with someone who has COVID-19.
Persons who test positive for COVID-19 are required to be out of school/work 5 days from the date of
symptom onset or positive test (whichever is first). The date of symptom onset/positive test is day
zero and he/she may return on day 6 as long as he/she has been fever free for 24 hours and
symptoms are improving. A mask must be worn for 5 additional days after returning to school. A
negative COVID-19 test is NOT required to return to school/work. NCPS follows CDC, NCDHHS, and
local health department guidance when making this determination.
Quarantine following a known exposure to COVID-19 is not required UNLESS the person has
COVID-like symptoms. The CDC recommends the person wear a mask for 10 days following
exposure and get tested on day 5. If symptoms develop, stay home and test for COVID-19. NCPS
offers free COVID-testing at school.
COVID-19 most often causes respiratory symptoms that feel like a cold or flu, but it can also harm
other parts of the body. Most people with COVID-19 have mild symptoms, but some people become
very sick. Symptoms may appear 2-14 days after exposure to COVID-19.
Possible symptoms include:
● Fever or chills
● Cough
● Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
● Fatigue
● Muscle or body aches
● Headache
● New loss of taste or smell
● Sore throat
● Congestion or runny nose
● Nausea or vomiting
● Diarrhea
This list does not include all possible symptoms.
Vaccination against COVID-19 is an important tool in controlling the spread of the disease. Vaccine
information and resources are available on the district web page NCPSSafe for staff and families.
NCPS will make every effort to place a school nurse or nurse extender in every school building to
assist with testing and other mitigating measures to ensure the health and safety of staff and
NCPS will provide behavioral/mental health activities and services to students and staff to mitigate
the effects of COVID-19 through SEL activities, staff wellness programs and other support services
and resources.