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Early Childhood Education - More At Four

More at Four is now being referred to as North Carolina Pre-K or NCPK and is designed to provide quality early care and education for at-risk four year-old children to enhance their readiness for kindergarten and to ensure a successful school experience. Selection is based on financial need and at-risk criteria.
To be considered, a child must:
  • live in Nash or Edgecombe county
  • be four years old on or before August 31st. in the year served
  • not currently participating in an early childhood program
  • currently enrolled in a program that is not a 4 or 5 star site
  • be considered developmentally at-risk based on the Brigance
  • must meet the income eligibility guidelines
NCPK classrooms must:
  • be 4 or 5 star licensed (if located in a child care center)
  • offer a "full day" program (6 or 6 1/2 hours a day)
  • provide developmental assessments
  • have a parent and family involvement plan
Private NCPK sites may offer transportation.
NCPK locations:
  • Coopers Elementary School
  • Fairview Early Childhood Center
  • Middlesex Elementary School
  • Bailey Elementary
  • Cedar Grove Elementary
  • Nashville Elementary
  • Swift Creek Elementary
  • Winstead Ave. Elementary
  • Little Angels Childcare Center # 2, Rocky Mount
  • Head Start (NEED, Inc.), Rocky Mount
  • Dozier Road Site
  • AJ Richardson Site
  • Stepping Stones

Early Childhood Education Parent Services

Transition to Kindergarten

Activities are provided that enhance a Pre-K student's transition into Kindergarten and helps parents by providing workshops for parents to get clear expectations for what they can expect when their child enters Kindergarten.
Please look on the main page of the NCPS website to find open house dates and other transition to Kindergarten activities.
For more information, please contact:
Angela King
Transition Facilitator
Phone: 252.462.2527