Pre-K » FAQs


Q: Are lunch and breakfast available?
A: Yes. Breakfast and Lunch are available, as a part of the school day and the Breakfast price is $1.00 and Lunch is $1.95. You will be able to complete a Free & Reduced meal application, and if approved for benefits, the breakfast price for reduced is 30 cents and reduced lunch is 40 cents. Students approved for free benefits will not pay anything for breakfast and lunch, but will be required to send money for any ala carte purchases.
Q: While waiting for approval of benefits, who is responsible for charges incurred on the child's account?
A: The parent/guardian is responsible for sending money to cover the cost of breakfasts, lunches and any ala carte items provided prior to approval of benefits.
Q: Is prepayment for meals and ala carte allowed?
A: Absolutely! It will be easier for you, your child, and the cafeteria staff if you pre-pay your child's meals. Child Nutrition provides prepaid envelopes that are available through the cafeteria manager. You may pay for meals in advanced by the week or month.
Q: What are the options if the child does not like what is on the menu?
A: There is always the option of sending a bag lunch from home. Please make it as healthy as possible.
Q: How do I get more information about School Breakfast and Lunch?
A: Click HERE for more information
Q: Does the district provide transportation?
A: No.
Q: What is the cost of Pre-K?
A: None.
Q: Does my child need to be able to speak English?
A: No.
Q: How can our family be involved?
A: Parents or a family members are required to volunteer at least 2 hours each month.
Q: Are there other four year-old programs for my child?
A: Yes. NCPK program, Headstart, DEPC Smart Start Scholarship program, and Playgroups.
Q: If I apply/register will my child get into a Pre-k program?
A: Your child will be accepted into a program if the criteria is met. If not, you may be offered other programs that are available.
Q: What is a Brigance Developmental screening/assessment?
A: It is an assessment of the child's cognitive, motor and language skills with other children in his/her age group.
Q: Is this an all-day program?
A: The Pre-K program operates 6-6.5 hours daily. For more information call the school in which your child has been assigned to attend.