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Pre-K is a place that turns ordinary experiences into extraordinary moments of learning! For many children, Pre-K is their first introduction to school. Pre-K is a great environment that lays the foundation for positive attitudes toward school and encourages developmentally appropriate practices. Play is very important in establishing a learning environment for young children. Pre-K provides an environment that promotes growth in all developmental domains including language, literacy, math, physical, emotional and social development. The Pre-K curriculum and activities promotes readiness skills that help prepare the students for Kindergarten. We pledge to work hand in hand with your family to form a strong, supportive partnership for learning. We know that you and your child will discover that Nash-Rocky Mount Public Schools Pre-K Program is truly something to smile about!

Preschool Application

***Preschool applications for the 2020-2021 school year will be accepted beginning March 2020. Children must be four years old on or before August 31, 2020 to apply. All applications received in the Preschool Office at The Teacher Resource Center, 800 N. Fairview Rd, Rocky Mount, NC, by May 1, 2020, will be processed and considered for eligibility and placement. Applications received after May 1, 2020, will be processed and considered for eligibility and placement at a later date and will not be considered in the first round of eligibility determination. ***

Important Reminders

Preschool slots are limited. Slots are filled based on eligibility determination and availability of slots.
Preschool is a district program. Classes are assigned to schools based on the needs of the district.
Transportation is not provided by Nash-Rocky Mount Public Schools. If your child is determined to be eligible for preschool placement, parents must arrange for their child to be transported to and from school.
The Nash County Public School system does not discriminate against any person on the basis of race, sex, color, religion, natural origin, citizenship status, age, or handicap in any of its educational or employment programs or activities.
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Melissa Dancy-Smith
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Monique Hargrove-Jones
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Natasha Williams
Preschool Coordinator
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Kindergarten Transition Facilitator
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