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Social Workers

School Social Workers serve as liaisons between schools and families to remove academic barriers for students. They assist other school staff and student families in identifying and helping students experiencing difficulties academically, emotionally and socially.

Components of the Social Work Program:

  • Addressing Student and Family Needs
  • Promoting Home/School Communication
  • Collaborating With and Supporting School Staff
  • Establishing Partnerships with Community Resources
  • Implementing Prevention Programs
  • Providing Crisis Intervention

Expectations of the School Social Worker:

School Social Work is a specialized area of practice within the broad field of social work. In North Carolina, school social workers are licensed through the Department of Public Instruction.  School Social Workers bring unique professional knowledge, skills & perspective to the school system and the student services team.
School Social Workers enhance the academic mission of NCPS, by providing services that strengthen home/school/community partnerships.

School Social Workers provide intervention within the home, school, and community to remove barriers to student achievement.

School Social Workers serve as liaisons to bring people together to create an environment of effective problem solving and learning.

School Social Workers engage in home visits, conflict resolution, crisis intervention, program development, consultation, and coordination of school and community services.