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New Student Enrollment

All students in grades K-12 should register with their assigned school (Swift Creek Elem and Cedar Grove Elem assigned students will need to visit Red Oak Elem to finalize enrollment).  Please make sure you have filled out the enrollment information via the PowerSchool Online Enrollment Portal and the required documents are uploaded or in hand before going to the assigned school. 
Enrolling your student (K-13):
1) Which school? Click here!

2) Enrollment Requirements:  
Primary REQUIRED Documents Secondary REQUIRED Documents
At least ONE document from the list below must be submitted for address verification
AND MUST REFLECT the address provided for enrollment or change of address.
ONE of the documents from the list below may be submitted for address verification
AND MUST REFLECT the address provided for enrollment or change of address.
  • Copy of Deed OR record of most recent mortgage payment
  • Copy of Lease Agreement
  • Copy of property tax records (for a home or structure used for residential purposes)
  •  Note: Affidavit signed by designated school official setting forth their verification based on personal visit to the address, if applicable, must accompany two accepted forms of residency verification.
  • Copy of valid North Carolina driver’s license or North Carolina photo identification card (Required for identification. Can also be an accepted proof of residency, if the address matches the primary document used)
  • Copy of current* utility bill (lights, gas or water only)
  • Dated within the last thirty (30) days
*** Parent / Guardian Photo ID
^ Health Assessment (Kindergarten or 1st time in NC Public Schools)
*** Certified Birth Certificate
Withdrawal Form (transfers within NCPS only)
* Legal Custody Papers (If applicable)
Report Card (Grades 3-13)
^ Immunization Record (All Students)
Transcript (Grade 9-13)
*** - Required upload at the time of enrollment to be successful
* - Required upload if applicable
^ - Failure to supply the requested information within 30 calendar days could cause your child to be suspended from school until the information has been provided.
Immunization Requirements:
All students enrolling in NC Public School for the first time must submit a complete immunization record and the NC Health Assessment form within 30 calendar days of enrollment.
The NC Health Assessment must be completed by a licensed health care provider and the date of examination can be no more than 1 year prior to the first date of attendance. 
There are also special immunization requirements for students entering 7th and 12th grade. These requirements must be met within 30 calendar days of the opening day of school. 

3) Online Enrollment
***Please note, if you are enrolling for a Pre-K student, please make sure your Pre-K application has been approved before continuing.***
2023-2024 school year (Upcoming KI students):
Online Enrollment Portal (English):
Online Enrollment Portal (Spanish):