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CDL & DOT Physicals

If you have any questions regarding CDL's and DOT Physicals, please reach out to Alex at Transportation.
Since COVID-19, the DMV has limited staff on hand in their offices and wants customers to make an appointment on their website.  During this time, we suggest that you make your appointment within six months before they expire to keep your CDL active. You can click here and it will direct you to the NCDMV website to make your appointment. 
When it comes to your DOT Medical Card, please take your new DOT Medical Card to the DMV.  When you arrive at the DMV, please knock on the door and what for someone to open the door (you do not need an appointment to have the card scanned).  Please let them know you have a new DOT Medical Card and need for it to be scanned into the database.  Once you are done with the DMV, please bring the packet that Dr. King gives you to the bus garage or you can scan it at your school and email it to Alex.  If you don't want to deal with the DMV, you may bring your DOT Medical Card and CDL to the bus garage and we can submit it to the DMV on your behalf. 
Since 2017, all school bus drivers are required to obtain a DOT Medical Certification and are required to keep that certification valid. An active DOT Medical Certification is required to keep the Class B Commercial Driver's License with the "P" and "S" Endorsements.