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About the School System


Nash County Public Schools commits to high quality academic and social experiences for all.





Core Values:

Nash County Public Schools values:

  • Empowerment:  When we elevate others to succeed, we all win.
  • Achievement:  We inspire each other to create our best work and achieve our maximum potential.
  • Social Responsibility:  We are committed to building an encouraging, caring and supportive community.
  • Growth:  We value mutual success through a culture of innovation and continuous improvement that inspires academic, social and emotional growth.
  • Embracing Diversity:  We engage fearlessly recognizing different views and experiences are an advantage.
  • Equity:  We respect and value people of all backgrounds and embrace equal access to opportunity for every person.  Together we can create a more equitable world.


Nash County Public Schools will empower all students, parents, staff and community partners to work together for global connections, innovative opportunities and a transformational culture.